B7000 Multi-Purpose Glue


B7000 multi-purpose glue;
Stong adhesive for materials of resin, acrylic, paper, ceramics, cloth, leather, PVC, nylon,  glass, wood, etc.;
Good for jeweleries, toys, handcrafts, electronic components, etc.;
Pointy sharp head for easy operation on crackle or small areas;
See instruction below for best results.

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B7000 multi-purpose glue is a self-leveling adhesive to use on toys, flowers, jewelries, handcrafts, electronic components and more. B7000 is clear in color and with minimal odor, designed for home use transparent solution. Use under room temperature. Pointy sharp head for easy operation on small areas and crackle. Waterproof and elastic. B7000 is good for materials of metal, glass, ceramics, stone, wood, cloth, leather, PE, PP, PVC, ABS, nylon, film, textiles, plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, glass, rhinestones, etc. 


1. Make sure that the material surfaces are clean and dry before using the glue;
2. Spread the glue smoothly and evenly on the two surfaces;
3. Wait 3-6 minutes, use a little pressure to aligned the two surfaces to stay tightly;
4. Wait 48 hours to leave the glue entirely dried;
5. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water;
6. Please do test on a small area before using on a large area; 
7. Best operation temperature is between 18-32 °C (65-90 °F) degrees. 


1. May cause irritation to the skin and eyes;
2. Keep away from children's reach. Adult supervision required for use of children under 6 year old.
3. One year shelf life.


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